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Streets of My Town



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Engage your community

Use video games to connect people to their local community and its programs and services.

Educate and inform

Explore topics that are difficult to talk about in a safe and non-judgemental way.

Celebrate culture

Tell your stories in an authentic and gameful way using your music, paintings, artefacts and landmarks.

Organisations we’ve worked with

“We produced Biik Bilik of which we are all very proud. The stories, look and feel undeniably reflect our community in the online space.”

Dr Hung The Nguyen
RACGP 2021 GP of the Year

It’s a fun way to connect with people on their preferred platform for transparent, fast results.

Watch the trailer below to see the game in action.

case study

Biik Bilik – A platform to raise awareness about Aboriginal Health

Biik Bilik was co-designed with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and improves their communities’ health outcomes.

It’s not just a game, it’s an innovative way
to engage and connect with local communities

pool toy

Fun & Functional

Games use the latest technology and design methods to engage people.


Hugely popular

Not just kids play games. The average age of a gamer is 32 years old. It is rapidly becoming the standard in media.


Active media

Games require the player to actively engage, not just absorb.

A social impact game
with tangible results at its heart

With Streets of My Town, you decide the impact you want to achieve and how to measure this. Every version of the game has an evaluation built in so you can keep track of the number of players, their experience and any other customised impact.

For a recent Local Government project, we tracked understanding and engagement:

  • 100% reported a better understanding of organisations and the services they provide.
  • 100% would prefer to play the game over receiving a lesson in school.
  • 89% thought the content was more engaging because it was delivered through a game
  • 79% reported a better understanding of youth issues.

Ready to make your own?

In 3 fuss-free steps, you’re could be on your way to building your unique game

First, we’ll set your goals then we’ll gather all the local data and information we need and finally, we’ll get together to discuss your ideas. And just like that, you’re on your way to building a customised game for your community.

Brought to life by a team of professionals with over 15 years
of experience

Streets of My Town was created by The Institute of Games, a team of game developers and social impact professionals that are highly invested in engaging communities and measuring impact.

Schedule a free consult to scope out your idea

    Want to dig a little deeper?
    Discover the process to create
    your customised game.