Streets of My Town

A game you can play when you need to find some help

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Use our game to engage your community

Re-create your local area in game

We can make the game world look like it’s your real-world area / community.

Address your specific issues

We work with you to develop storylines and events in-game that address your issues and educates the players.

Track your outcomes

Generate reports on the numbers and the quality of player’s experiences.

So much more than a game.

Butcher in street
The butcher seems to be in trouble…

Educate & inform

Use Streets of My Town to engage your community. They’ll play out the stories you create and absorb the information you think people need to know.

Survey your community

Our built in survey functionality allows you to ask players specific questions. We will provide you with a comprehensive report.

Tell your story

Everyone has a story and they need to be told and enjoyed. Streets of My Town allows you to tell yours.


Youth Services Game

Helping local government youth workers engage young people online and raising awareness about their programs and services.

Streets of My Town Bike

Client: City of Monash, City of Whitehorse

Goal: To lower the barriers for young people to seek help when needed.

Target Group: 10 to 15 year olds.

Outcomes: Increased awareness of local supports; Reduced stigma around help-seeking; Improved access to local services.

Delivery: In schools.

Evaluating impact of Streets of My Town

Streets of My Town is a social impact game and measuring the impact achieved is at the centre. Every version has an evaluation built so you can keep track of number of players, their experience and any other customised impact.

Results of our local government version:

Of all young people that played Streets of My Town:

  • 100% reported a better understanding of organisations and the services they provide.
  • 100% would prefer to play the game over receiving a lesson in school.
  • 89% thought the content was more engaging because it was delivered through a game
  • 79% reported a better understanding of youth issues.

Our evaluation is built into the game. You decide the impact you want to achieve and how to measure this.

I loved learning about how to support young people who are going through tough times.

I would usually find learning about this kinda stuff very boring, but the game was presented in such an amazing way that I had fun playing it and learnt loads of stuff!

Amazing game!”

A 15 year old player of Streets of My Town

Why use social impact games?

Perhaps the word ‘games’ is misleading? Some refer to it as ‘interactive media’.

pool toy

Fun & Functional

Games use the latest technology and design methods to engage people.


Hugely popular

Not just kids play games. The average age of a gamer is 32 years old. It is rapidly becoming the standard in media.


Active media

Games require the player to actively engage, not just absorb.

Streets of My Town FAQ

How much does it cost to customise a version of this game?

It depends on the amount and the complexity of customisations you want. But to give you an idea, most projects cost between $25,000 and $60,000 AUD.

Is his Australian only?

Certainly not. We speak 4 languages and work all over the world.

Is Streets of My Town safe for children?

We can guarantee that Streets of My Town is completely safe and does not use any questionnable practices (e.g. lootboxes)
Streets of My Town also doesn’t use any violence in its games to engage young people.
The Institute of Games doesn’t shy away from risks associated with gaming. On the contrary, we have been raising awareness and educating children about these risks for over a decade.
In the same way that swimming is both risky and healthy, video games can be positive for kids if used correctly and safely.

How long does it take to build out a version?

Usually between 3 and 9 months depending on the complexity of the customisations.

Can we write come up with our own characters and dialogue and stories?

Exactly right! We sit around the table, work out what you need. This can be characters, dialogue, landmarks, buildings or anything else really!

I want specific functionality. Can you build it for us?

Yes, we can. We are continually investing in this platform and making it better every day. We love hearing what people want from it, so we can update our own roadmaps.

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