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Streets of My Town features

Streets of my town is so much more than a game! The features make it more like a tool or a platform.

We are continually building to add more features, more functionality, more art and assets and more interactivity. Once you sign up with us, all these added features will come for free.

Let’s go in a bit more detail about what we have so far.

Features of Streets of My Town

We draw your town in our game.

We build out a game that is about your local area, your local issues, your local information. To do this we draw your local buildings and landmarks so players recognise that this game is set in their local town.

We write your stories in our game

You choose the stories you want to tell and we will turn those into game narrative. This way you can tell players the info you want them to know about.

Confidentiality and privacy

We do not take any personal information or data from players. The only data saved are responses to evaluation questions.

Built in evaluation

We have the functionality to evaluate player’s experience and ask them questions. This allows you to track the efficacy of this project and allows you to build in questionnaires.

Aligned with curriculum

Streets of My Town is aligned with the Health curriculum in years 7 and 8 which makes it easiy to engage young people. Young people love playing Streets of My Town.

Social impact design

We carefully design our storylines to ensure we achieve maximum impact. The agreed outcomes are always our first priority.

Streets of My Town - talking to the principal

Run Surveys

Use our survey functionality to not only tell your local stories but also to survey the community. Want to know what to do in a specific area? Why not build it into a game and simulate the options.

Quirky characters

All art is hand-drawn and absolutely beautiful! Create new characters to better tell your stories. Write specific dialogue for your local characters.

Co-designed with you

Let’s collaborate! Never made a game? No problem! That’s the expertise we bring to the table. All you need is the desire to make impact in your local community!

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