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Getting started is easy, painless and affordable.

We co-design closely with you and your community to make sure your stories in Streets of My Town are authentic and achieve the outcomes you want to achieve.

Get started in 3 steps

Goal setting

Setting the outcomes and audience for your social impact game helps create the narrative.

Gather local info

Have a think about what will make your game unique in your local area.

Discuss your ideas

Talk to us and your target group for feedback and ideas to make the best game possible.

Step 1
Goal setting

The goal of any social impact game is to achieve something specific. This is where you start to think about what change you’re looking for, and who that involves.

You might want to

  • Inform a whole community about a new project, program or service
  • Survey your park-visitors about what they would like in their local park;
  • Increase understanding by celebrating a specific culture in your community;
  • Connect children at risk of mental health issues to local support services; or/and
  • Increase awareness about local environmental issues.

Step 2
Gather local info

What will make your game unique to your local area?

You could think about:

  • Local buildings, landmarks or areas that are unique;
  • Stories or history you’d like to play out;
  • Local people you’d like to see in the game; or
  • Local organisations or services you’d like to feature.

Step 3
Discuss your ideas

Talk about your ideas with your target group. Get their feedback and their ideas on how to make your game even better.

This is also the time to have a chat with us. It’s completely free and we won’t chase you after it. We’re always keen to discuss social impact games and share ideas.

After your consult, you can decide to take the next steps, go back to the drawing board, or even shelve the idea.
But if the stars align and we feel we have a great concept, we can take the next steps.

“The team understand what we need and most importantly, are able to empathise with my team’s vision. What an amazing and inspiring social-impact serious game that they have built!”

Dr Jessica Helmi,
College of Business, RMIT University

Building your social impact game

With the groundwork set, we’re ready to step in and get started on the project.

From here, we work together to scope your project, write a screenplay including your unique storylines, draw up your unique content and build out a testing version so your target group can provide feedback. Then we complete the build and take your game live. It’s that simple!

If you read all this we might as well have a chat!

Want see what others have done? Review our case studies for more information.