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Six steps to make a social impact game using Streets of My Town

You want to create social impact and you think a game might be the way to do it! Brilliant! We want to be a part of that!

Your problem however is that making a game usually takes years to develop. And we won’t mention the budget needed to create something unique.

Streets of My Town makes creating a social impact game easy, painless, and affordable. We’ve done the hard yards for you. All you need to do, is have an idea and we’ll build it out on our platform.

Where do you start? Follow the steps below and if you still think you have a great idea we should definitely talk!


Table of contents

  1. Play our demo
  2. Set your outcomes
  3. Set your target group
  4. Gather local information
  5. Discuss your ideas
  6. Building your game
Ambulance driving

Step 1: Play our demo game

Get a feel for our game. Check out the artstyle, the storytelling. How we engage players in problem solving and create social impact. The assets and functionality can be re-used to create your game.

We have a continuing roadmap ahead of us and new functionality is always added to our platform. So if our demo game is missing some functionality you need, it may already be in the works.

Learn more about the features of Streets of My Town

Step 2: Set your outcomes

The goal of any social impact game is to achieve something specific. What is the goal you want to achieve? What is the change you’re looking for.

Examples could be:

  • Inform your community about a new project / program or service.
  • Survey your community about what they would like in the local park. A skate park or a pool?
  • Increase understanding by celebrating a specific culture in your community.
  • Connect young people to local support services.
  • Increase awareness about local environmental issues.

Step 3: Set your target group

Who do you want to focus on? Which group of people does the change apply to? Who needs to play your game?


  • Every Year 7 in the local area.
  • People who visit the park.
  • Children who are at risk of mental health issues.
  • New families moving into the area.

Step 4: Gather local information

What will make your game unique to your local area?


  • Local buildings, landmarks or areas that are unique.
  • Stories, history you’d like to play out.
  • Local people you’d like to see in the game.
  • Local organisations or services you’d like to feature.

Step 5: Discuss your ideas

Talk about your ideas with your target group. Get their feedback and their ideas on how to make your game even better.

This is also the time to have a chat to us. This is completely free and we won’t chase you after it either! We love talking about social impact games and sharing ideas.

After this chat you can decide to take the next steps, or go back to the drawing board, or even shelve the idea. But if the stars align and we feel we have a great concept, we can take the next steps.

Contact us by filling out our contact form.

Step 6: Building your social impact game

This is where we step in.

We chatted and we’re all excited about this project. It’s not just you who thinks this is a great idea, we think so too. Therefore, we will want to build out your game, so let’s make it happen.

From here, we work together and we’ll do the following:

  • Scope out your project (this is when we talk money…)
  • Write a screenplay (including your unique storylines)
  • Draw up your unique content
  • Build out a testing version so your target group can provide feedback
  • Complete the build.

Ready to chat?

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