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Centre for Multicultural Youth

South Sudanese community

Follow Mary and Choul, two South Sudanese young people who live in Dandenong, Australia, as they deal with COVID, mental health and crime.

About the game

The Centre for Multicultural Youth engaged us to build out a Streets of My Town version to engage South Sudanese young people living in Metropolitan Melbourne. The goal was to reflect and learn about COVID and COVID vaccinations. It also tells the story about a South Sudanese family living in Melbourne with all its challenges.

This version focuses on:

  • Covid, vaccinations and making informed and positive decisions about health.
  • Reflection on living in a pandemic.
  • Raising awareness about programs and services that are available to South Sudanese young people in Metropolitan Melbourne.
  • Mental health and associated wellbeing.

This project is youth-lead, co-designed by South Sudanese young people and delivered in partnership with the Centre for Multicultural Youth



Michael Tomkins


Milan Votrubec


Steven Dupon


Mike Wang

Design Team

Reath Tot (Totti) 

Tempest Alphonse

Lual AM Deng 

Puoch Puoch

Isara Loful 

Riak Riak 

Kuiy Jiath 

Emmanuel Mamer 

Michael Apout